Legitimate question – why ForeverFocus? At the risk of sounding like a classic
ADD case, we will work backwards and tell you what ForeverFocus
ForeverFocus DOES NOT PROVIDE more homework.
ForeverFocus DOES NOT PROVIDE medication.

What ForeverFocus DOES OFFER:

  • ForeverFocus offers a breakthrough technology that not only improves cognitive skills but also enhances brain-wave regulation in ADD/ADHD/LD children.
  • ForeverFocus offers an individualized series of game-like lessons, which are charted, graphed and mastered over a 3-6 month period.
  • ForeverFocus offers a program which has been proven to significantly improve a child’s and adult’s memory, focusing skills and cognitive processing.

The program offered by ForeverFocus is effective for children taking medication for their ADHD symptoms. Medication will continue to help the child cope with their symptoms while ForeverFocus will help them deal with their issues at the core.