What Parents Can Do To Help Their Child With ADHD

CHILD WITH ADDUpon hearing the diagnosis of your child with Attention Deficit Disorder, you probably feel a kaleidoscope of overwhelming emotions: helplessness and a feeling of “it’s not fair!” On the other hand, you may feel comforted that your child’s issue finally has a name. Yet, in the midst of all of your inner turmoil, don’t forget that your child’s situation is not helpless! There are many ways that you can help your child deal with his or her ADD.

  • The first, most vital step is to research and familiarize yourself with all aspects of ADD. You will then be in a much better position of helping your child. You will learn what is the healthiest, most successful way of assisting your child.
  • With your doctor’s advice, you should discuss the pros and cons of getting your child medicated. This is a very individual and personal decision. Some parents choose the medicated path. They want their child to be mainstreamed and not to be disruptive. Other parents believe that medication is not a good choice due to the slew of side effects and lingering effects that may crop up. No matter what you decide, your decision should be based solely on facts and research.
  • In any event, even if you are medicating your child, behavioral therapy should be used to assist in managing your child’s actions. This provides your child with the lifetime skills of becoming efficient and productive. Children with ADD must have clearly defined boundaries set on their actions and must be handled with consistent discipline.
  • You should be your child’s strongest advocate and biggest supporter! Ensure that they are treated in an upbeat manner both at school and at home.  Form a positive alliance with your child’s teachers and doctors. You should be like a team, with the goal of producing a successful and well-adjusted child.
  • Help your child grow to be a self-assured and joyful person! Recognize his/her potential and constantly, verbally affirm your deep love for him or her! An involved parent is your child’s biggest chance at succeeding in life.

Go for it! Together, you will go far!

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