Client Testimonials

“The program helped my daughter tremendously…it was life altering for her. She had difficulty in keeping up with a class and staying focused. Now she is tuned into the class and is able to complete the work without the trouble she had in the past. She is a visual learner and was unable to follow along because class is auditory learning, now she is able to follow along in class with much more ease despite the fact that is a visual learner.”

My son is also doing great with the program! His ADD tendencies keep him from staying focused in class; however, this program enabled him to sustain attention in class and stay focused on his work. The program helped him in ways that he is able to see for himself. An example of this self-realization is when he came home from school one day and said “I am really focusing in school!” He then informed me that when he isn’t able to stay focused he pictures doing the Focus exercises and is able to focus again.

With appreciation;
Passaic, NJ


“As a 27-year-old who was recently diagnosed with ADD, I was lucky enough to be referred to this program by a friend. I feel like it is a miracle because the results are tremendous. Within a few weeks of starting the program, I noticed that I was able to do the exercises without so much effort. I do still have ups and downs in my performance, but I do see myself progressively improving, and as I improve, it seems to be less exertive on my brain to do it well. Even in my home life, I am seeing myself sticking to commitments I have taken upon myself. I am less forgetful. This has been crucial for me and my family. I am so grateful to this program and I look forward to continued progress in the coming months.

Thank you!
R. G.
Brooklyn, NY


“My daughter has symptoms of ADD such as difficulty with focusing and attention, as well as difficulty expressing herself verbally. This affected her both academically and socially. After using the program, her grades increased and her focus and attention greatly improved. She also began to participate in family discussions with more confidence instead of getting lost in her own thoughts. Besides for seeing great improvement with my daughter’s issues, the program is reasonably priced and affordable.

B. Weiss
Monsey, NY


“When we registered our son as a user of the program offered by ForeverFocus, he was slow, easily distracted and performing very poorly in school.
It’s AMAZING, after only a few weeks of regular usage of the program he is like a different person: He is asking intelligent questions and growing academically.

A. Schwartz


Mrs. B.L. Gradman
Director of Fluent Kriah Monsey, NY

“I have been using the program offered by ForeverFocus for a couple of weeks with two students and I am pleased to report that they both willingly work long and hard at it. They don’t seem to tire of trying to beat their record to obtain a good score. They both have made progress.
“The memory program is motivating with beautiful pictures. I observe one student, in particular, steadily learning to hold more bits of information in her head. She is now up to memorizing and working with 4 on-screen cards after only a few sessions.

“Thank you!”

Mrs. B. L. Gradman


“I am extremely impressed with the wonderful program offered by ForeverFocus. My 10 ½ year-old daughter has been using it for 2 weeks. Although I do not see any actual results yet, I do realize how it works and triggers with her weaknesses.
“The program is very easy to work with and understand and very reasonably priced.
“Thank you very much for this wonderful program. I am hoping to send you further feedback as she continues.”

S. Moskowitz
Monsey, NY


“I consider myself a typical guy: no issues and fully functional. I registered for the program offered by ForeverFocus so that I could better help and understand students of mine that were registered as program users.

After using the program for a few weeks, to my delightful surprise, I have noticed tremendous improvements on myself. I can focus much better under stress. My attitude is more positive and I feel better equipped to handle life’s daily issues and problems.

I can focus on tasks even when I am tired and in general, I feel like a happier, more content person.

A. M. Schwartz


“I am a mother of several children. I used to be a long-time OCD sufferer. Since I started the program offered by ForeverFocus I have been in greater control of my thoughts which leads to a higher quality of life. As a result, I also became more organized and efficient.
“I urge anyone who has trouble focusing and accomplishing to give ForeverFocus a try. I am sure that you won’t regret it.”

S. K.
Monsey, NY


“I started using the ForeverFocus offered program 3 ½ months ago and I have greatly benefited from it. Although, at 28 years-old, I have had a happy and successful life, I always had difficulty concentrating, getting distracted very easily.
“The results speak for themselves as through ForeverFocus’ offered program, I have developed and trained my mind to keep calm and focused.
“I urge any ADD or ADHD sufferer, regardless of age, to give the program offered by ForeverFocus a try. I personally started noticing results in a little under a month’s time.”

Joseph binet
Spring Valley, NY


On July, 30 2012 added the following experience:

“My wife and I are both using the program offered by ForeverFocus and we are equally enthusiastic about the program. My wife suffers from OCD, while I suffer from ADHD.
“Around eight weeks after I began working with the program offered by ForeverFocus, I brought one of my children to the eye doctor. When my child’s exam was completed, I was handed a print out of my child’s results.
“In the past, I have had difficulty concentrating and fully understanding complicated medical reports. Due to the way the program offered by ForeverFocus has trained my brain to think, I was able to process one point at a time, fully understanding the report.
“Thank you!”

H. K.
Spring Valley, NY