• ForeverFocus will provide each school access to a multiple user account, purchasing slots for as many students as necessary.
  • Student’s teacher or tutor completes an introductory, easy-to-follow, questionnaire regarding their student’s strengths, weaknesses and symptoms. ForeverFocus then provides access to a custom-made program, uniquely produced to maximize each individual student’s skill set and potential.
  • The program offered by ForeverFocus remembers where each student is up to and “bookmarks” the place for each student for their next login session.
  • The program offered by ForeverFocus teaches skills for life that are learned and mastered by the student in the same way that a student who learns how to ride a bike has mastered that skill for life.
  • Instructors have the liberty of supplying each student with an exclusive access code, enabling motivated students to practice at home as well.

Pricing for Schools and Institutions:

Number of Students

Set-Up Fee/School

Price for Whole Academic Year

10 (Minimum) $495* $119 per user    
25 $495* $100 per user    
50 $350* $85 per user    
100 Fee Waived* $72 per user    

* Set-up includes interface enabling managing and monitoring of multiple users (minimum 10 users required) and complete training on using the program.