Common questions parents ask…

  • Parents complete an introductory, easy-to-follow, ten-minute questionnaire regarding their child’s strengths, weaknesses and symptoms. A member of our team will then contact you and let you know if this program is what will help your child succeed.
    ForeverFocus then accesses a custom-made program, uniquely produced to maximize your child’s skill set and potential.
  • By accessing the program offered by ForeverFocus via internet anywhere, your ADHD/ADD and/or LD diagnosed child will be on a sure and steady path towards success!
  • The program offered by ForeverFocus remembers where each student is up to and “bookmarks” the place for each child for their next login session.
  • The program offered by ForeverFocus teaches skills for life that are learned and mastered by your child in the same way that a child who learns how to ride a bike has mastered that skill for life.
  • The program offered by ForeverFocus generates real-time feedback and progress monitoring, displayed as often as you’d like.
  • The program offered by ForeverFocus offers an easy-to-use format which is suitable for young children, teenagers and adults.
  • ForeverFocus offers a 15% discount for multiple users in the same family.