10 Advantages Of Having ADD

ADVANTAGES OF HAVING ADDThere is a widespread belief that a confirmed diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a curse of sorts. Sure, living with someone with ADD, whether it is yourself, your spouse or child, is no picnic. With that said, those identified with ADD or ADHD tend to have the following advantages over the rest of the “plain and boring” folks:

1. Empathy

Children and adults with ADD have deep empathy towards other suffering people.  They also tend to be open-minded and understand and accept diverse point of views.

2. Ingenuity

Children and adults with ADD tend to be ingenious in at least one capacity. Painters, designers, sculptors, film makers, writers, musicians, and comedians – the list goes on. Composers Mozart and Beethoven are believed to have had ADD.

3. Enthusiasm

It is true that forcing a child or adult diagnosed with ADD to finish a job is nearly impossible if they don’t have the will. Yet watch out! If you give that same child a job that strikes his fancy, he will plug away at it, until the very end.

4. Problem-Solving Capability

Children with ADD flourish on decoding puzzles and problems. Famous inventors such as Thomas Edison and Thomas Jefferson are believed to have had ADD.

5. Hyperfocus

The ability to hyperfocus is something that a child or adult with ADD can use to their benefit. When used to achieve objectives and dreams, hyperfocusing becomes an amazing asset.

6. Sense of Humor/Flair for Comedy

Nearly all children and adults with ADD love a good laugh. Many have the talent of inducing chuckles in others as well. Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams are humorists believed to have ADD.

7. Spirit

Children and adults with ADD generally have a resilient spirit. They tend not to get crushed from their challenges but spring back to move on.

8. Intuitiveness

Children and adults with ADD tend to be highly perceptive. They don’t view the world and people at face value. They can read emotions and nuances at times when others wouldn’t notice anything.

9. Idea Generating

Adults diagnosed with ADD are brilliant proposal makers. They do not like to be troubled with particulars, but they can generate ideas in no time at all. They are a real asset in brainstorming meetings.

10. That “Special Something”

Many diagnosed with ADD believe that they have a unique way of viewing the world, an understanding that others are lacking. Yet, when persons diagnosed with ADD meet each other, they are surprised to note that they have much in common.

You may infer that those diagnosed with ADD are on their own wavelength. Let’s channel this wavelength in a productive manner, enabling all diagnosed with ADD to focus on what is important for their optimal success.

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